Interactive Exhibition Consultancy


Whitefire has worked with a number of leading science centres and museums in the UK to deliver innovative learning programmes designed to inspire and engage learners of all ages. With fresh eyes we are able to assess your current provision, your audiences and work with you to energize and stimulate your learning programming. 

Learning Audits and Strategies - Whitefire worked with At Bristol to complete a comprehensive review of their learning provision at the centre, including a market assessment, audience data collections, a review of impact and SWOT analysis and a detailed summary of development opportunities. This project provided the basis for future developments of the science learning services and the subsequent rise in visitor numbers.

Following the audit, a Learning Strategy 2012-2016 was written for At Bristol.  This 5-year development plan aimed to ensure the creation of engaging and holistic learning strategies, through hands-on experiences within a range of formats that both maintained and increased the visitor numbers allowing the department to flourish.  Early indications show a significant percentage increase in visitor numbers as a result of changes implemented.

Interpretation Plan - the development of a new interpretation plan for The Wedgwood Museum helped to revitalise and redevelop family interpretation on site, providing cost effective and innovative recommendations designed for the target audience. This project focused on improving opportunities for families to engage with and enjoy the museum.  The hands-on approach aimed to engage visitors not with science, technology and engineering within the more traditional 'arts environment.

Advocacy, Evaluation and Evidence of Impact - we have worked on a number of projects focussing on the development of a framework for quantifying the impact of exhibitions on the visitor. Our public engagement work includes training on:
  • Exhibit evaluation proceedures
  • Project evaluations
  • Visitor research and evaluation, including impact assessment
  • Generic Learning Outcomes framework and finding evidence of learning